Sweet Stephee T's

Hello Reader!

Welcome to Sweet Stephee T’s!  Okay, the title is actually a joke.  It’s the name I gave to a bakery on a Facebook game.  But it’s fun, right?  Right!  So I love to share information.  Especially relevant information with people who can be helped by it.  So I decided to start a blog.  Right now I don’t know if anyone besides myself will ever see this.  I’m hopeful of course.  Maybe one day it will blossom and be a huge deal where dozens of us post regularly.  But for now I’ll just share what I hope for us to do.

  • Share recipes.  Everyone likes to try new recipes that others have had success with.
  • Share awesome sales and deals.  Who doesn’t like saving money?
  • Share parenting tips.  Is it normal for my kids to do this or that?  Who better to talk to than other parents?
  • Talk about health.  I prefer to talk to people like myself and know I’m not alone in what I deal with.  Like that creaky hip at age 31.  And the low sex drive.  I said it.
  • Have fun!  Some gossip now and then about the fun stuff.  Personally, I’m addicted to some HBO shows.  Most of them fantasy themed.
  • BEAUTY & FASHION!  I love the girly stuff.  Hair, nails, makeup, clothes.  Granted, I don’t look fashionable, but I enjoy it!!!
  • Pets.  Most of us have them.  Pet care tips come in handy.
  • Travel ideas and tips.  That explains itself.
  • Share home decorating ideas, tips and trick.  For every day or holidays.
I just want to SHARE without the constant drama involved in other social networking sites.  No copying and pasting, no horoscopes, no quizzes.  I’m new to WordPress, so if you’re jumping in with me from the start, be patient please.  I also have a fairly new Pinterest account that you are more than welcome to check out.  I’ll be working on finding a way to merge the two in some way soon.
Thank you for checking me out.  Please look around.  Leave a comment and and link to your page!  Let’s share and make the world a sweeter place.

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