Sweet Stephee T's

My Herb Planters

Posted on: October 1, 2011

I finally decided I was brave enough to try an herb garden.  Though garden is a big word.  I have 2 plants I brought home.  I didn’t have any pots I liked so I looked around my kitchen for ideas.  I saw 2 empty glass containers that once went with a pizza stone set, that held spices and cheese.  Perfect!  The plants fit perfectly into the little glass vials.

Once I got them in I decided they looked a little plain and sad.  So I started to scour the kitchen for something to spoof them up.  Then I saw the fancy cupcake liners I bought.  The jars snapped into them as if they were made to fit together.  But something was still missing.  I found some beads, but they were too dark to see against the soil.  Then I found some ribbon.  I wound the ribbon around, used a bit of tape to secure it, and I have myself a couple of cute little planters.  Nothing fancy.  Nothing plain either.  Now let’s hope my mint and cilantro stay alive!  And yes, my background is a piece of foil.  HAHA!  My family was very impatiently waiting for me to get out of their way so they could eat the steaks that just came off the grill.



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